Geofacets encapsulates a search request method that enables a RESTful API client to perform an expert search across all or any combination of Geofacets databases. It also provides the ability to retrieve one or more records by unique document identifiers from these same databases.

Detailed policy:

Definition: incorporates within the client application a search tool that takes the user's query, passes it on to different search indexes through APIs, gets the results from those APIs and combines them into a single result list for the user to see. This practice is common in digital library portals at universities, and Geofacets's indexes are common targets for this. It also provides the ability to retrieve those results based on unique, individual document identifiers.

We allow this use case under the following conditions:

  • The developer of the federated search application needs to be an organization that has a license for Geofacets, or should be building the application for an organization who has a license
  • The organization is only allowed API access to Geofacets databases that are licensed on the Geofacets web site.
  • If the application is provided to Elsevier customers by a third-party vendor, this vendor is not allowed to differentiate the fees for the use of the application based on Geofacets data being in- or excluded by the application
  • The users of the application should be limited to authorized users at the organization holding the license
  • The application can only show the core abstract, author, and publisher data for each search and/or retrieval result from Geofacets - the record's indexing terms are off-limits
  • Results need to be marked as coming from Geofacets, and may link back to the article on the Geofacets web site.
  • The application can use the RESTful APIs.

How To Guide:
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