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Cited by in Scopus

You can use the Abstract Citations Count API to retrieve cited-by counts for a given article in Scopus as metadata (JSON, XML) or an image linking back to Scopus for a complete result set. The link into Scopus is required for compliance with Scopus Cited-by policy.

Detailed policy:

Definition: the client application is a website or webpage that has publications (papers, journals) that are also covered by Scopus. The owner of the website wants to show the number of times the papers have been cited by other papers covered by Scopus. Examples:

  • a researcher's home page with his/her list of publications
  • a university library's home page with the list of most-cited articles by the institute's researchers
  • a publisher's website with electronic journals covered by Scopus.

We allow this use case under the following conditions:

  • The client application needs to use the Abstract Citations Count API to render Scopus cited-by images, using an API Key obtained through self-registration
  • Scopus cited-by counts/images must link to corresponding Scopus abstract page as described in the Scopus Attribution Guide
  • If the web site has both a paid-for and a free layer, the Scopus citation count needs to be available on both
  • The citation count image may be cached for performance reasons, but needs to refreshed at least weekly
  • The owner/operator of the application does not have to have a Scopus license
  • The application is not primarily a (scientific) search engine, A&I database or full-text aggregator.

Please make sure to comply with the Scopus Attribution Guide.

Technical documentation: here.

Example on how to embed Cited by in Scopus counts on your website: here.

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