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Elsevier SciVal API

What is the SciVal API?

The SciVal API gives access to a comprehensive basket of metrics for researchers (Scopus Author profiles) and all 8,500+ institutions available in SciVal, Elsevier's platform for research performance benchmarking. It returns metrics from SciVal for a given a Scopus Author or Institution identifier (or multiples of each).

Who can use the SciVal APIs?

Various options are available for researchers who want to use SciVal APIs:

  • Non-Commercial Users (Users in Academic & Public Sector Institutions, Charities & Charitable Foundations): Access to the SciVal API is only granted to customers with a SciVal subscription. For them, the APIs are free of charge, provided that our policies for using the API and the data are honoured.
  • Commercial Users (Researchers in Private Sector & Commercial Institutions): SciVal APIs are available (for commercial use), with an API license and subscription, please contact us here to discuss your request.

Where do I start?

Please visit Elsevier Developer Portal to get started.

Where do I get an API key?

You can request an API Key on Elsevier's Developer Portal. If you do not already have an Elsevier user ID, you will have to register before you can request an API Key.

If you want to request an API for commercial use (i.e., you are a researcher working in a private sector or commercial organisation), please contact us.

What do I get access to with my API key?

Default API Key configuration description is available here. For a quick overview of the SciVal API, refer to the table below.

How do I get help?

Please visit Support page.

What are the benefits of using the Scival API?

  • Direct access to current SciVal metrics
  • RESTful architecture: stateless, scalable, portable and reliable platform
  • Standards and specifications support: W3C CORS, Dublin Core, PRISM
  • Ease of integration with client applications and/or directly with client web sites
  • Variety of supported API response formats
  • API responses include links to relevant resources to simplify navigation and access
  • Interactive API documentation allows to preview API request and response in any of the supported response formats directly from Elsevier Developer portal

Interactive SciVal APIs

SciVal Swagger is available here