Definition: the client application is:

Elsevier supports institutions who want to enhance their institutional repository (IR), current research information system (CRIS) or local VIVO installation ( about, with Scopus APIs, ScienceDirect APIs or a combination of the two.

The table below indicates the repository objectives for IR/CRIS/VIVO client applications using Scopus APIs, ScienceDirect APIs or a combination of both.

Repository objectives & use cases    Scopus API use case only    ScienceDirect API use case    Scopus & ScienceDirect APIs combined
To retrieve metadata of a comprehensive overview of the world's research output across publishers X X
To enable users to assess article impact by displaying Cited-by counts X X
To retrieve metadata and abstracts of articles and chapters of affiliated authors published with Elsevier X X (optional)
To enable users to identify the best available version and indicate whether users have access to the full-text on ScienceDirect X X
To enable users to read ScienceDirect content on the institutional repository pages X (optional) X (optional)
To enhance your compliance with funding body and publisher policies by automatic ingestion of embargo end dates X (optional) X (optional)

Detailed policy for Scopus:
Detailed policy for ScienceDirect:

Please make sure to comply with the Scopus Attribution Guide.

How To Guides:
ScienceDirect IR/CRIS/VIVO.
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Examples of ScienceDirect and Scopus search using CORS:
ScienceDirect Search
Scopus Search