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Search Request

A Search Request method enables a RESTful API client to search Elsevier content repositories.

With this request method, you can search content such as journals, abstracts, author information, or objects (such as graphics).

Searching via the RESTful APIs is broken down across the following categories, with complete API documentation available from each link:

Affiliation Search - search an institution's profile in Scopus
Author Search - search on Scopus Author profiles
Scopus Search - search Scopus content
ScienceDirect Search - search ScienceDirect content

A view is a kind of filter on data returned from the APIs. Some views return more, some less, and a view does not have to be explicitly defined. There is a default.
The views for each search API are here:

Affiliation Search Views
Author Search Views
Scopus Search Views
ScienceDirect Search Views

Field Mappings for ScienceDirect and Scopus:
This reference documents what ScienceDirect and Scopus fields are available for searching via RESTful API Search Requests

Facets Guide:
Facets are extra dimensions returned by the Elsevier search engine that group certain aspects of search results into specific buckets, along with their corresponding counts. Use facets to augment Scopus, ScienceDirect, Author, or Affiliation searches.