Showing metrics for institutions and researchers on your website

You can use the SciVal Metrics API to show a basket of metrics for a researcher or an institution on your website.

Detailed policy:

Definition: the client application is any website or part of a website, operated by an individual or an organization, that wants to show metrics associated with a researcher or institution. Examples are:

  • a researcher's own home page, listing her/his CV, publications, etc.
  • a university web site that showcases individual affiliated researchers and their work, including publications and publication metrics.
  • a university web site that showcases the work of the university or a department as a while, including publication metrics.

We allow the SciVal API to be be a source of that data under the following conditions:

  • The client application needs to be free of use and non-commercial. This also means that it should be free of advertising.
  • The client application needs to obtain an API key by registering here.
  • The owner/operator of the client application needs to have a SciVal license.
  • The client application needs to run within, and execute the API calls, from the user's browser and not proxy the calls through a server-side component.
  • The client application needs to refer, and link back, to SciVal as described in the SciVal Attribution Guide.

Please make sure to comply with the SciVal Attribution Guide.

Technical documentation: here.

SciVal Metrics API