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ScienceDirect Article and Chapter information

Detailed policy:

Definition: the client application is any website, operated by an individual or an organization, where users can search or read research information. The website wants to show a list of scientific publications from ScienceDirect as a widget on the page.


  • A search widget showing metadata for related documents from ScienceDirect next to a search results list with content from other sources or next to another abstract of full-text article that is shown on the page.
  • A widget on the website of a research institution that showing metadata of the most recent publications by authors from the institution.
  • A widget showing metadata of the most recent publications for a journal on a society website.

We support this use case with the ScienceDirect search API; see here for detailed documentation. We allow this use case under the following conditions:

  • The owner/operator of the client application does not need to have a ScienceDirect subscription
  • You are allowed to show the following metadata to all users: Journal/book title, Article title, Authors, publication date, journal / issue, page numbers, author keywords, and abstracts (to subscribed users) or abstract snippets (to non-subscribed users).
  • If you want to leverage the API's ability to show full abstracts to users that are subscribed, the client application needs to run within, and execute the API calls, from the user's browser and not proxy the calls through a server-side component
  • Each article citation needs to link back to SD using DOI or PII, regardless of a user's entitlements. The URL for this link is provided in API responses.
  • Caching of data from the API is allowed (and encouraged) for performance / capacity considerations.
  • If the application is provided by a third-party vendor, this vendor is not allowed to differentiate the fees for the use of the application based on ScienceDirect data being in- or excluded by the application

Current version is v1.0, Feb-2014 - Initial content policy rollout.

How To Guide: Search Request.

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