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ScienceDirect journal or book information

Detailed policy:

Definition: the client application is any website, operated by an individual or an organization, where users can search or read or otherwise interact with research information. The website wants to show a list of scientific publications from ScienceDirect as a widget on the page.


  • A widget showing journals or books for a specific subject area
  • A knowledge base using the API to track changes in content on SD to maintain their A-Z list.

We support these use cases with the Serial and Non-Serial Title APIs; see here for detailed documentation

You are allowed to show all metadata returned by the APIs to all users

We allow this use case under the following conditions:

  • The owner/operator or the user of the client application does not need to have a ScienceDirect or Scopus license
  • Each display of a title's metadata needs to include a link that points to that title on ScienceDirect. The URL for this link is provided in API responses.
  • If the application is provided by a third-party vendor, this vendor is not allowed to differentiate the fees for the use of the application based on ScienceDirect data being in- or excluded by the application

How To Guide: Search Request.

ScienceDirect Search API
Serial (journal) Title API
Nonserial (book) Title API