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Elsevier Developer Portal

Scopus Use Cases

Scopus APIs can be employed to address a variety of use cases such as:
  • You can show Scopus publication on the webpage or an institution can showcase institutional output.
  • You can show Scopus cited by counts on a website, for instance in an online cv.
  • Showcase metrics on an author or journal or use the data for analysis of institutional performance.
  • Federated search allows libraries to implement a single search box that searches across all their digital assets.
  • APIs can be used to populate CRIS systems like Pure and Institutional Repository systems like Digital Commons.
  • You can use Scopus APIs for business intelligence applications such as benchmarking research performance or detecting research trends through text mining.

The use of Elsevier's APIs is tied to specific use cases, each with its own corresponding policy.

If you do not find your use case in the above list, you can request Elsevier to approve your specific use of the API:

  • if you are affiliated with an institution that subscribes to Scopus, please contact your librarian or information specialist and ask them to get in touch with us.
  • Alternatively, you can visit the Scopus support page on our Support Center and contact us from there.