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Authentication API

Product Specific APIs


Elsevier APIs implement a concept we call a 'VIEW'. Submitted as a parameter, a VIEW is used to deliver specific metadata in an API's payload. Some VIEWs are restricted based on subscription status to an Elsevier product. Some APIs do not utilize the VIEW parameter. VIEWs, where applicable, are documented below. You can see the metadata available for a VIEW by clicking a given API's [Views] link.

ScienceDirect APIs Scopus APIs Engineering Village APIs Embase APIs SciVal API
ScienceDirect Search V2 [Views]
Article Metadata [Search Tips] [Views]
Affiliation Search [Search Tips] [Views]
Author Search [Search Tips] [Views]
Scopus Search [Search Tips] [Views]
Engineering Village Search API EMBASE Search SciVal Author Lookup
SciVal Country Lookup
SciVal Country Group Lookup
SciVal Institution Lookup
SciVal Institution Group Lookup
SciVal Publication Lookup
SciVal Scopus Source Lookup
SciVal Subject Area
SciVal Topic Lookup
SciVal Topic Cluster Lookup
SciVal World Lookup
Article Retrieval [Views]
Article Entitlement Retrieval [Views]
Article Hosting Permission API
Object Retrieval [Views]
Abstract Retrieval [Views]
Affiliation Retrieval [Views]
Author Retrieval [Views]
Engineering Village Retrieval API EMBASE Retrieval
Serial Title Metadata [Views]
Nonserial Title Metadata [Views]
Subject Classifications
Citations Count Metadata [Views]
Citations Overview [Views]
PlumX Metrics
Serial Title Metadata [Views]
Subject Classifications
Holdings Report Author Feedback

PharmaPendium API SUSHI API
Activity Services
Chemistry Services
Drugs Indications Services
Documents Services
Efficacy Services
FAERS Services
Metabolizing Enzymes Services
Pharmacokinetic Services
Safety Services